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Frying Pans and Saute Pans, Pots, Pans and Kettles

The best pressure cooker will give you something extra in the kitchen to help you prepare healthy meals.

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Kitchen Accessories, Kitchen Tools

Anyone with a passion for cooking will agree that with the right tools and accessories you can do magic in the kitchen. Conjure up a delicious pizza with our Leo pizza set, call upon our ravioli stamps to prepare a heavenly pasta dish or make an enchanting herb mix with our herb cutter. Our kitchen tools are more than happy to help you charm your family or dinner guests.

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Coffee and Tea Coffee Pots

Espresso/Coffee Maker is the best way to make rich espresso or coffee in just minutes, at home!

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Gather your family and friends around the table and create memories over a delightful backyard barbecue. With our outdoor cooking equipment you’ve got the right gear to smoke, sear or cook your food just the way you like it. Set up your ceramic charcoal grill to get that distinctive BBQ flavour or use a gas barbecue to get cooking right away in your outdoor kitchen.

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Hook knife spoon set

Set your table in style with the BergHOFF cutlery. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party with friends or just looking to class up your everyday dinner table, our cutlery sets will immediately add that elegant touch. In our broad range of stainless steel flatware you’re sure to find dishwasher-safe cutlery that helps you create the perfect dining experience. Pick your favourite design and lay out the spoons, forks and knives to dine with quality at your fingertips

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